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This page will be changed... when I am inspired... new poems or songs... new thoughts, new wonderings... Do you need to confess?? Long ago I discovered confession... is good for the soul... our secrets become our fears... so, tell me your secrets...

Beloved, you are very Loved. To Satin in California, hugs; Kim,in you; Aunt Barbara, Uncle Val.. thank you.

~MollyDarling, hang tight! ~~~Welcome all Emailers~~~

Harry Willis Brown, not forgotten not forgotten not forgotten

Keep coming 'bak' Will be adding new war pages as fast as I can make them... Ohhhhhhhhhhhh... love this html!

If   you      want   to   know   me   better...

Am still looking for... rainbowman... Have ICQ, #13573269... Find me a rock, Beloved... Love AOL Instant Messenger... Am (( theblue mb )) there... au revoir...

of the

~~au revoir now~~ ~hugs and kisses~ to Elizabeth and Molly, Blackflag in NC, Basteure Frommal -

~Mamma, don't leave me... I miss you...

From Sue in Nebraska: "I told her that I really like people who have been THROUGH a lot of troubles and trials and tribulations. I LOVE people who have been drug behind a runaway horse for two years!!!!"

We had a good laugh. The folks who have had problems are refined and somehow, more enduring,special. Thank God for our problems and our blessings alike!!"

You know what? I know this page is hokey and wussy. I just can't take it offline though...this is where I was born online, my roots here! So, try to love this enfant.

(My other pages on this site, and elsewhere, are much more sophisticated.)

My Favorite Actors: Helen Mirren, Helen Bonham Carter, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Johnny Depp, Robin Williams.

My Favorite Music: (Besides Soul) Brooks and Dunn, Leon Redbone, Johnny Winter, Cranberries, Madonna.

Write Mystery Books. Any good plots on your mind? Who do you think should be the one who gets dead? I never decide that easily...want everybody to live forever.

He said blue has a blue guitar, She does not play things as they are. Theblue replied - Things as they are, are changed upon theblue's guitar.

Two Years Later: He said, My Dear, don't change my lines...I've told you that many times. Theblue replied,cut to the heart: Why did you steal my song? This is the end of us, you know, the price for such a wrong.

Blue Online

Blue Online

Welcome   Visitors,   Friends,   and   Family
...Thank you for visiting theblueguitar, BLUEONLINE, please stay a while, share my dreams...I welcome you... to my secret garden... come back now and then... and we will communicate... paix.

...Beloved, beside you, ever watchful...

Well, I have no favorite song... not really...or music... I love classical music... the blues...I love rock and roll... my favorite television show is Geraldo... (on MSNBC)...because he gives... all kinds of people the opportunity... to speak their minds be free...

"Remembering you, Sweet Princes"
National POW-MIA
Recognition Day

September 17, 1999
World War II
~My Dad and His B-29 Crew~

Veteran's Day
Vets, You're the Greatest! History of here-
Celebration of Water
Native American Ritual Cleansing Prayers
Some good ones...

theblue's   Treasures

All my treasures have been given to me...
in such great love or respect...
that they have enlarged my soul...
even when the love or respect did not last...
For I can look nowhere around me...
and not see the reflection of great...
passion or joy...

And yet, so often the ones I have wanted...
to love me the most...
have loved me the least...
and the ones I have loved the most...
have scorned me to the bone...
given me so much pain to endure...
so much longing,grief...

Still, when I look around me...
there is nowhere I can look and not see...
so much love given to me.

~copyright/c. 1998/ theblue~

Blue's last thought today: Yes, we need proof. Yes,
we need proof everyday that we are loved. So,
every day, tell someone I love you; as I tell you now,
you are very loved.  The party has begun, Beloved...

This is for Buddy

Every once in a while
we come unexpectedly across
a special place,
a special thing,
a special person.

Every once in a while
we hear a song that
stills our heart
and makes us more.

That's what my bestfriend Buddy was.
A thousand words can never
explain him to you,
and two thousand would not begin
to play his song.

The world is less without him
I am certain. And I?
I am not as strong,
or as important anymore.
The day he died, let me record
this in certainty:
It was as if
someone blew my candle out.

My friend Buddy went to
Another Place December 7, 1998.
Oh, I miss him!!
Oh, I miss him!!

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