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~Remembering you, Sweet Princes~

Many of our men are Prisoners or War or
Missing in Action.
Thatís not okay with me.
Is it okay with you?
If not, do something...start with
writing your Congresspersons REGULARLY, praying too.

Many people forget our POWís and MIAísÖ
especially in Washington.
You have to write letters regularly to remind
the powers-that-be.
And don't forget to write your Governor too.

What brought home the POW message to me:
The movie, DEERHUNTER,
(I still have bad dreams about this movie),and
a tv show on a guy who was a POW for several years...
whose name I cannot remember,
but I remember what he said he went through.

Looking at my Dadís war records changed me too...
He was so young!
My brother could have been killed in Vietnam, or taken prisoner...
That makes me sick to think about.
My brother is practically the sweetest guy I know -
He was just a kid too...
Went in an alterboy and came out with no faith in God.
My uncles could have been killed overseas somewhere...
lost, forgotten...
Warís personal...War is personal.

I wore a POW bracelet in the 70's, 70ís to the 80ís.
I was never able to find out what happened to my POW,
if he was ever found Ė
That bothered me.
Wish I knew if he is alive -I used to dream about
meeting him one day. Well, Iím a romantic I suppose,
I love my country.

My Present POW-MIA:
Name: Harry Willis Brown
Rank/Branch: E5/US Army
Unit: 50th Medical Detachment, 43rd Medical Group, 44th Medical Brigade
Date of Birth: 16 August 1943...Home City of Record: Charleston SC

Date of Loss: 12 February 1968...Country of Loss: South Vietnam
Loss Coordinates: 121721N 1074713E (ZU030600)
Status (in 1973): Missing In Action -Category: 4
Aircraft/Vehicle/Ground: UH1H
Other Personnel In Incident: Wade L. Groth, Alan W. Gunn, Jerry L. Roe

SYNOPSIS: On February 12, 1968, SP5 Harry Brown, medic; 1Lt. Jerry Roe, aircraft commander; WO Alan Gunn, pilot; and SP4 Wade Groth, crewchief, were flying a UH1H (tail #66-17027) dispatched on a night medical evacuation mission (dustoff). Dustoff 90 departed Ban Me Thuot, South Vietnam for Gia Nghai Special Forces camp.

As U.S. Air Force Tactical Control Radar operators at Ban Me Thuot tracked the flight, the blip that was the UH1H dustoff chopper disappeared from the screen at 2019 hours. The helicopter apparently went down 20 minutes outbound from its base in a mountainous region of Quang Duc Province.

An Army Infantry unit searched the apparent crash site near the Cambodian border for 36 hours, but found neither the helicopter nor its crew. Snipers were not known to be in the area, and it is not believed the helicopter was shot down, according to an Army report, indicating possible mechanical trouble.

In April 1969, CIA was asked to analyze the positive identifications made by a rallier of a number of photographs of missing Americans. The rallier selected the photos of both Harry Brown and Jerry Roe as two men he believed to have been prisoners of war. CIA could not determine why the source selected them.

In 1979, Sean O'Toolis, an Irish-American, was touring Bong Song Camp, 40 miles south of Hanoi, on an IRA gun-buying mission, when he alleges he met and spoke with American prisoners, Brendon Foley and Wade Groth, a prison workmate of Foley's. He also claims to have talked to men named MacDonald, Jenning and an O'Hare or O'Hara. He brought a message to Foley's brother and fingerprints of Foley and O'Hara. He identified old photos of Groth, and gave believable descriptions of Foley and Groth. Neither family knows whether or not to believe O'Toolis, as much of his account of his travels seems incorrect.

Whether the four men aboard the dustoff lost on February 12, 1968 survived to be captured is unknown. The coincidence of two separate sources identifying three members of the crew seems to strong to ignore. The U.S. Government does not believe there is any substance to these reports. Based on thousands of still-classified sighting reports, many experts believe hundreds of Americans did survive, and are still alive, waiting to be brought home. If even one is alive, he MUST be brought home.


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Message to Harry:
Remembering you, Sweet Prince, Harry Brown,
You are not forgotten today!


This POW/MIA Freedom Fighters Ring site is owned by maggieblue

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This is an extensive military and war site.

I designed a site for my Uncle that started
when I visited he and my Aunt this summer,
and loved his cooking.
He's 22 yrs in Service, Retired Army - Korean War
and I sure am proud of him. Please visit this page.
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Keep the Faith
Today, Americans are continuing to join the effort to "Keep the Faith"
with American servicemen still missing as a result of the Vietnam War.

POW/MIA bracelets are available engraved with the name of a servicemen
still listed as missing in action...Wear one for Harry, please.
Make the bond and wear a POW/MIA bracelet "Until They Come Home."
Another POW site:
BRACELETS: Liz Flick -Ohio Chapter MIA/POW
P.O. Box 14853, Columbus, OH 43214
(614) 451-2405 (after 7:00pm) Brushed stainless steel with deep acid-etched
letters, intially filled with black paint. All names distributed with family
permission. No orders can be taken for specific names or states.
$5.50 each includes S&H...Wear one for Harry...

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