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~National POW-MIA Recognition Day~

Oh, Lost!
Remembering you,
Remembering you
Remembering you,
Remembering you

Our Prayers from:


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Message to Harry:
Remembering you, Sweet Prince, Harry Willis Brown,
You are not forgotten today!

In 1998, Congress passed 1998 Defense Authorization Act,
promising the POW-MIA flag will fly each year on
Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day
Independence Day and National POW-MIA Recognition Day.

The flag says "You Are Not Forgotten."
It is black, a symbol of the
darkness we feel in our souls
when we think of our POW-MIA's.

In 1971, Mary Hoff, a MIA wife, thought a flag was needed
to symbolize our grief and concern for our men,
to remind us all: WE WANT THEM BACK!
By contacting various sources, she finally was in touch with
Norman Rivkees of Annin & Company. They designed a flag
to represent our missing men.

There's so much you can do.
For beginners, talk about our POW-MIA's. Write your Governor.
CALL your Governor...Be sure YOUR STATE
flies the POW-MIA flag this year.
Write your Congressmen.
Fly a POW-MIA flag at your home on this holiday.
See, there's a lot you can do.

of the

To obtain POW/MIA flags, contact Georgia Committee
for POW/MIA, 770/973-8773, or Ohio Chapter MIA-POW, 614/451-2405.
The National League of Families of American Prisoners and Missing
in Southeast Asia: Click Here
They are responsible for this year's poster. Thanks League.

2,054 Americans are still missing and unaccounted for
from the Vietnam War alone.
National POW-MIA Recognition Day is
the third Friday in September.


This POW/MIA Freedom Fighters Ring site is owned by maggieblue

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