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~Celebration of Water~

O Sacred Water,
Our Great Healer,
Heal my Spirit,
Heal my Body.
Wash my Heart Clean
of Grudges
and Petty Resentments.
Cleanse my Mind and Soul
Of all that is Impure,
Dishonest, Mean.
Let me Bathe in Delight
in Thy Holy Deep.
Let my Love Flow.
Let me be Renewed,
a Radiant Child of God.
de-fee de-fee

Water has been celebrated and honored
since our earliest beginnings.
It is sacred.
From water comes all life.

In all religions and cultures,
being washed in water is
to be born again,
to be made new,
redeemed and forgiven.
Whether religious or not, realize
water is holy.
Respect yourself,
respect us all.

Did you know our human bodies are
80% water?
We are flowing in Rivers of Being.
We flow in and we flow out.
Water animates us,
keeps us alive, our spirits whole.

Water touches everything
and everyone.
It is in the air and the land.
Let your love flow.

In my Cleansing Rituals
I bathe in delight,
soaking myself all over,
praying my thanksgiving in chant
for all I am and hope to be.

As water flows over me,
great love fills me up.
It's a moment of knowing. I am.
Beloved, go as clean
as water can make you.
Dry yourself in the sun when possible.

Prayer for Self-Pity:
Great Spirit, I come to you
overwhelmed with self-pity,
feeling full of hurt and old hurts
Take away my fears,
my self-absorption...
For I wish to walk in
the Sunlight
of the Great Spirit,
of Your Love.
Heal me I pray,
heal me and hold me close.
Help me trust Your wisdom
is greater than mine.
de-fee de-fee

Prayer for Anger:
Great Spirit, Force of the Universe,
within and without,
let all the anger in me
be washed away into the Deep
where it can diminish and disappear.
Release me from the bondage
of self,
and give me in its place,
peace and forgiveness.
Help me forgive myself and others
and walk with You in the woods.
de-fee de-fee

Prayer About Abundance:
Great Spirit, inspire me
as long as I live
to share my abundance,
to give away to others,
and not be greedy.
Inspire me to be aware of
the sick and suffering,
the homeless,
the unfortunate.
Give me the strength not
to whine, complain...
to give generously of all
You give me so freely.
de-fee de-fee

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