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~My Dad and His Crew~
314 Wing Group

Vets, Remembering you, thanking you.
Guys, You're the greatest.

Back Row Standing: Dunning,Joseph,my Dad,Pitt,Ogdon,Tilson
Back Row Standing:

Front Row Kneeling:
Do not know which guy is which on this row yet.

I know Sgt. John J. Bombeck is on Front Row.
Bombeck was a gunner -Unidentified on Front Row.
I talked to Lt.Dunning's son - Dunning died several years ago.
Sgt.Charles Stombaugh died Nov. 7, 1998.
Talked to his wife -Unidentified on Front Row.
Unidentified on front row kneeling are:
Sgt.Francis A. Fuss,Cpl William J. Clyde,& Cpl.James J. Coyne
Ogden sent me this photo. THANKS, Flyboy!
Thanks more than I can ever say.

Click Here To Email Me
Please email me if you know anything about
my Dad's crew...any names or identifications.

It's taken me 3 years hard looking, working to locate
one member of my Dad's crew. Ogdon, we finally got,and
he sent this photo. HEAVYBOMBERS located him!!!
Heavybombers are something else...
I am so grateful to all the vets who helped me
make this page possible. Also, thanks, SallyAnn,
who led me to Heavybombers.

Scott Burris - 381st BGMA Member

Andy Doty's Book
A good book on WWII:

Sallyann's Connections
Sallyann Wagoner's B-29 site
Many informative LINKS too.

This is my Dad at his desk, 1945

November 25, 1945 Station: 1505 AA Base Unit
Turned in by my Dad...
"Received by the 1505th AAF Base Unit,Mather FLD,Calif.,
one(1) War-Weary type B-29 aircraft #44-69856..." from 19th BOMB GROUP

Our Family Vets are:
My Dad,Uncle J.C.,Uncle David,Uncle Val,
My Brother, My Nephew, My Nephew's Dad, Rosebud...
and more - lots of Vets in our family.

I designed a site for my Uncle that started
when I visited he and my Aunt this summer,
and loved his cooking.
He's 22 yrs in Service, Retired Army - Korean War
and I sure am proud of him. Please visit this page.
Scenes From Sarge's Life

Memorial Day at Kidswork
Memorial Day page for my Dad,

My Veteranís Day Page at Kidswork
My Brother and Uncle V on this page -

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This is an extensive military and war site.

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